Establish Sammitr as one of the global leaders in logistics and integrated automotive, while sustainably growing with innovative developments


  1. The company will produce products and services that are beneficial and valuable to customers in order to create a truly integrated logistics and automotive brand.
  2. The company aims to generate products, services and operational systems with innovative technologies to provide added values to customers and companies.
  3. The company aims to offer worthwhileness in the customer’s logistics systems.
  4. The company is dedicated to developing staff and partnerships to deliver value to customers through products, services and operational systems.

Sammitr’s Core Values

S = Smart 

Generate standardized operational system to allows the company to achieve its goals

The system is standardized, modern, efficient and ceaselessly developing, while is adaptable to change, coherent, measurable and punctual

A = Ability

Develop capabilities and work skills to create skilled and virtuous individuals

Develop knowledge, work skills and professional expertise, while encouraging continuous learning and promoting virtue amongst staff

M =  Morality 

Work with transparency and virtue

Act with honesty towards oneself as well as the work, organization and stakeholders by adhering to ethical values

M = Mindfulness 

Be attentive to the work one is responsible for and deliver the best quality to customers

Work with attention to all details throughout each step, giving prominence to internal and external customers in order to deliver quality work and experiences

I = Innovation 

Develop innovative technologies while being unique

Have creative ideas and develop new things that are out of the ordinary, while using modern technologies that generate new and effective workflows or projects

T = Teamwork 

Work as a team

Collaborate as a team and be open-minded to opinions for shared goals and accomplishments

R = Responsibity 

Take responsibility for internal and external societies

The staff should work together happily amidst a positive working environment and a clean and safe working place, while being socially responsible