SMM Pro Truck

Pro Truck provides total services and solutions for commercial trucks. Its vision is to become the region’s largest network of excellent commercial truck services and solutions.

Pro Truck is a joint venture established by the collaboration of two firms—Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Public Company Limited and PTG Energy Public Company Limited, the latter providing gas station services under the company Sammitr PTG Pro Truck Solutions Center Company Limited. Currently, Pro Truck has eight branches:

  • Pro Truck Main Office, Phuttamonthon Road 5, NakhonPathom, Tel: 065-8699994
  • Pro Truck See-Kiw, NakhonRatchasima, Tel: 062-6939091
  • Pro Truck Prayuhasiri, NakhonSawan, Tel: 092-7939197
  • Pro Truck, NongKae, Saraburi, Tel: 099-4289091
  • Pro Truck NakhonPathom, NakhonPathom, Tel: 061-9166995
  • Pro Truck Rama 2, SamutSongkram, Tel: 065-5266694
  • Pro Truck Chokchai, NakhonRatchasima, Tel: 061-9154454
  • Pro Truck Chaiya, SuratThani, Tel: 062-8822999