Parts and Spare Parts Sales Department

Parts and Spare Parts Sales Department

Sammitris a leader in manufacturing and selling spare parts for trucks, trailers, and cars for commercial use.

Hydraulic (HYDRAULIC)

This is a high quality, durable lift dumper tool installed under the truck suitable for all types of trucks from 1 to 50 tons. The tool is certified with ISO 9001-2000.


High-quality SMM axles for trucks and trailers with spare parts and after-sales service


SMM gear pumps are not only durable, good value for money, and long-lasting, but also accommodates heavy, high-frequency lift dumping usage. Hydraulics also work more efficiently with these gear pumps.


Sammitr’s high-quality, high-performance tyres were especially designed for loading. They are suitable for full and semi-trailers.


SMM spare parts for Sammitr trucks and trailers are categorized into seven groups:

  • Hydraulic spare parts
  • Axle spare parts
  • Suspension kit spare parts
  • Peripheral spare parts
  • System spare parts
  • Truck assembly spare parts
  • Other spare parts


Telescopic Wipro hydraulics are easy to install, fuel-efficient, and able to handle loads of 50 to 70 tons. They are imported and distributed by SMM.


The Hendrickson airbag suspension kit helps to reduce vibrations and protects the truck from damages that may occur from loading for a smoother driving experience. Suitable for heavy loads, this suspension kit is especially recommended for fragile products that require extra care during transport.


The Automatic Braking System (ABS) or Electronic Braking System (EBS) is a safety system that helps prevent possible collision during braking. It increases driving safety and is installed according to the standards of the Department of Land Transport.